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BMF Inc., Distilled Water Plant, was the brainchild of its founders, who were concerned by the increasing proliferation of bottled water products that left much to be desired in terms of quality and purity. These entrepreneurs saw a unique opportunity to produce and market water that conformed to the highest purity standards, as they were able to recognize the urgent need for a product that not only was exceptionally fit for human consumption, but was also ideal for pharmaceutical applications.

BMF Inc., Distilled Water Plant, aims to become the main provider of top quality, 100% pure distilled water in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, as well as to successfully venture into the Latin American and U.S. markets.

Pure H2O Source 1™

Our bottled water product, Pure H2O Source 1™ is purified with water softeners and carbon filters, subject to high-temperature vapor distillation, and treated with ozone using a re-circulation process that prevents bacteria propagation and enhances flavor.

Consuming distilled water provides numerous benefits, such as not forcing the body to eliminate solids, minerals and chemicals present in either tap water or spring water, therefore, allowing it to better dispose of accumulated toxins.

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